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Gaia Global Circus. A climate tragi-comedy

When: September 2013 - in tour
"Gaia Global Circus" is a tragicomedy that reproduces the cacophony of voices, overcrowding of talks on ecology and human contradictions. The comedy is a sensory experience that immerses the viewer in the heart of the intimate relationship that we have with the world, a "mental experiment" offered to the public to reflect on the role of human beings facing global warming. The origin of this project lays on a paradox: ecology appears everywhere, raises the debates, but how is it that we are so little mobilized? Ideas and facts do not seem to be serious enough to really disturb us. What is surprising is the almost total disconnection between the feelings that we should prove when acknowledging environmental problems, often presented as apocalyptic, and the mixture of concern and vaguely jaded nonchalance facing increasingly alarming environmental news. The comedy is born with the aim to explore the importance of the issues at stake and the limited repertoire of emotions and feelings with which mankind tries to understand and address the issues related to mother Earth. The play is designed around a project of Bruno Latour, an important representative of contemporary scientific debate. The performance premiered in Toulouse in September 2013 and continues its tour in Germany and France.

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