La serie di pubblicazioni Reflections mira a fornire approfondimenti su questioni chiave relative ai cambiamenti climatici. Analizzando in modo sintetico le attuali sfide legate alle politiche climatiche ed energetiche ed illustrando i risultati della ricerca scientifica, queste pubblicazioni digitali sono utili a stimolare la discussione su questi temi. Per ricevere “Reflections”, scrivere un’email a

Climate Policy Ambivalence in Sub-Saharan Africa

Autore: Divine Odame Appiah, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology & Katie Johnson, ICCG

Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) emits few greenhouse gases, yet suffers many adverse impacts of climate change. Various aspects of SSA economies are limited by the effects of climate change, especially the agriculture, energy and biodiversity sectors. Paradoxically, many SSA governments are…

Climate Change: Justice, Policy, and the Individual

Autore: Sabrina Valeria Ronco

The connections between climate change and the individual are complex and intricate. Whilst climate change is caused by billions of acts of consumption, its causation cannot be directly linked to individual consumers - the emissions of a single individual would…

The road ahead for electric vehicles

Autore: Michael Schneider

Electric vehicles are gaining traction in light of recent announcements to ban petrol and diesel car sales in France and the United Kingdom by 2040. Despite continuously growing numbers of electric vehicles sold and in total on the world’s roads,…

Climate Finance: from Paris to Marrakech

Autore: Isabella Alloisio

The Paris Agreement recognized the need to mobilize international climate finance by making finance flows consistent with a pathway towards low greenhouse gas emissions and climate-resilient development, and asked developed economies to contribute financially to enabling developing countries to comply…

Rising uncertainties about the Climate Regime

Autore: Jaime de Melo, FERDI

The Paris Agreement, which entered into force only on November 4, is already in jeopardy, amidst rumours that the US might pull out, which could lead to a reduction in efforts by China and others. The Paris Agreement is really…