La serie di pubblicazioni Reflections mira a fornire approfondimenti su questioni chiave relative ai cambiamenti climatici. Analizzando in modo sintetico le attuali sfide legate alle politiche climatiche ed energetiche ed illustrando i risultati della ricerca scientifica, queste pubblicazioni digitali sono utili a stimolare la discussione su questi temi. Per ricevere “Reflections”, scrivere un’email a

Climate Resilience: The Future of Cities?

Autore: Sabrina Dekker

Building resilience and mitigating vulnerability to climate change in cities calls for change, which is not limited to adaptation of the physical environment but must be inclusive of strategies that focus on adapting the behaviour of people. Understanding how cities…

Tackling climate change in cities: The role of best practices

Autore: Sabrina Dekker

In recognition of their capacity to respond to climate change, cities around the world have engaged in best practices such as Green Infrastructure and integrated transportation policies to mitigate climate change impacts. Whilst, these common best practices that are discussed…

Climate and Culture. Climate Change in Art

Autore: Fanny Liotto

While at the international level the safeguard of our cultural and natural heritage is acknowledged as crucial, it has increasingly visible cross ties with the impacts of climate change. UNESCO has developed documents and special tools to counter the risks…