BCP contest 2016: the ranking of competing projects

On November 28, 2016, the International Center for Climate Governance (ICCG) announced the outcomes of the 2016 Best Climate Practices Award, focused on “Expanding access to climate financing”.

Here is the final ranking of competing projects. Further details on each project can be found in the Best Climate Practices website.

  1. Carbon Finance for families in Mozambique
  1. Clean Energy Promotion through Microfinance (CEPM) in Ethiopia
  1. Small Participation Fund for The Poor’s Climate Change Response (Vietnam)
  1. Matchmaker
  1. OpenForests online platform for forest investment and project management
  1. ClimatePlace – online platform for low-carbon and climate resilient development
  1. COCOA (Crowd Collaboration for Climate Adaptation) Embraces Webinar and Blockchain technology (Chile/Worldwide) – IT
  1. Community Environment Conservation Fund (CECF) as a catalyst for Climate Change Adaptation (Uganda) – MC
  1. KONZA: Initiative on Project Market Place, Information Exchange Platform and Networking of Climate Practices
  1. FairClimateFund
  1. Eco-Frontier – Climate Smart Agriculture Resource Center
  1. Pollinate Energy
  1. Ecomate