carraroDirector Carlo Carraro’s Blog is ICCG’s privileged window to the world.

It presents scientific content in a comprehensive way. It deals with themes linked to climate change, encompassing a 360-degree perspective, from energy to finance, and from climate policies tosustainable developmentProf. Carraro’s blog addresses the most recent events and hot topics concerning climate change. It also presents the results of frontier research, and serves as an additional tool to stay informed about  ICCG’s main activities and events.

The Blog adopts a socio-economic point of view because climate change is not just an environmental or scientific problem. It is first and foremost an economic matter that permeates every possible decision made by governments, institutions, and companies. For this very reason, it is a critical political issue, which cannot be sidelined in the agenda of policymakers around the world.

Director Carlo Carraro’s Blog aims to provide readily accessible and interdisciplinary analysis of the latest climate research. Given the concepts it presents and the analysis it conducts, the blog’s target audience is experts in the field who are looking for analysis of issues that are not within their specific domain. It nevertheless welcomes a broad readership to create a discussion about these important issues.