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Climate Finance: from Paris to Marrakech

Author: Isabella Alloisio

The Paris Agreement recognized the need to mobilize international climate finance by making finance flows consistent with a pathway towards low greenhouse gas emissions and climate-resilient development, and asked developed economies to contribute financially to enabling developing countries to comply…

Rising uncertainties about the Climate Regime

Author: Jaime de Melo, FERDI

The Paris Agreement, which entered into force only on November 4, is already in jeopardy, amidst rumours that the US might pull out, which could lead to a reduction in efforts by China and others. The Paris Agreement is really…

International Climate Policy N.41

In this edition: Paris Agreement: first steps toward implementation; Coalition for Urban Transitions launched to empower cities; Impending challenges of old age for European nuclear generation; Renewable Energy Investments as an opportunity for growth; Embarking on early climate action with…