Climate Policy Observer

Climate Policy Observer is a website that gives you easy access to the latest developments in the climate policy world. Our tools include:

News: timely news on climate and energy policy developments from the media and institutional sources as well as carbon markets coverage.

Country Profiles: each country profile features data on emissions trends, fossil and renewable energy sources production, and supply. The profiles outline the essential features of climate and energy policies nationwide, and their positions and commitments in the international climate arena, with quick access to official documents.

Reports & Publications: an online-library that collects selected publications covering the full range of climate issues, including emissions & mitigation, impacts and adaptation, negotiations and policies, energy, economy and carbon pricing, society and media.

Climate Agenda: keep up to date on important climate policy dates.

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The new online platform was presented at the Second Annual Conference of theĀ Italian Society for Climate Sciences, two days of dialogue among scientists, researchers and policy makers, held at Ca’ Foscari University in Venice (September 29-30, 2014).

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