Think Tank Map

Think Tank Map is a worldwide observatory that provides an overview of think tanks active in the field of climate change governance.

This interactive world map shows the organizations that are working in the main fields related to climate governance all over the world. It highlights their projects and current activities. It also explores their interaction with other organizations and influence on policy itself.

The Think Tank Map allows think tanks to present their own research activities through an instrument targeted to a specialized public. Even so, the map is not only a showcase for the organizations working on climate change governance. It creates opportunities for new interactions, connections and discussions.

With the aim of recognizing the excellence of the main institutions addressing climate issues, the ICCG publishes a rankingĀ of the best think tanks active in the field of climate change economics and policy every year since 2012. The ranking takes into account the quality of a think tank in conducting research and its role in influencing climate and energy policy. The ranking is built on a new method for evaluating think tanks using a composite index that describes the three main pillars of a think tank: activities, publications and dissemination.

The think tanks included in the map are constantly growing and ranked each year. Visit the website to add or track the institutions.

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