George POLK

CEO, Catalyst Project

George Polk is the CEO of the Catalyst Project, which is currently advising a number of high net worth families on investments in businesses related to climate change.  Last year George worked with George Soros building an investment portfolio of businesses related to climate which would be both profitable and impactful. He also served as the Soros representative on the board of the Powerspan Corporation. Prior to his investment work, George was Senior Advisor on Climate Change to McKinsey.  Mckinsey has emerged as the global thought leader on the commercial response to climate change through its analysis of the costs of climate abatement and opportunities for its clients.  George worked on policy initiatives and with the Cleantech practice advising technology businesses on how to grow their businesses more rapidly.
George Polk was also the Chairman of the European Climate Foundation, the largest funder of initiatives to change European policy on climate.   George founded the ECF in 2007 with $75m from 7 major philanthropists.  It is now the European sister organization to the U.S. Energy Foundation and the China Sustainable Energy Program, as a component of the Climateworks network. George was also Senior Advisor to the ClimateWorks Foundation, globally the largest philanthropic funder of work on climate, and an additional small group of very high net worth individuals, designing and implementing major philanthropic strategies related to climate.  He is also on the board of Richard Branson’s Carbon War Room.  Prior to working on climate change, George was a technology entrepreneur, most recently CEO of The Cloud, the leading broadband wireless network operator in Europe.  George was recognized as Global Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum, a Pioneer of the City of London, and has been ranked several times in the top 25 global technology agenda setters by He is a graduate of Harvard University and is a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.