Climate Countdown

  • Date: October 2015
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Duration: 46'
  • Language: English
  • Realized by: Climate Countdown

This web-series – Climate Countdown – maps out what scientists, activists, policy makers and citizens are actually doing to solve the climate change problem. It explores different facets of this complex issue and break it down into bite- sized bits.

  • Episode 1 - CONTEXT

    We look at the history of the COP process, the scientific concepts that policy makers are using to shape climate policy and what Climate Countdown is all about.

  • Episode 2 - COP21

    We go a little more in depth into what COP21 is and why 2015 is so important.

  • Episode 2.5 - INDC UPDATE

    Countries are continuing to submit their INDCs so we check in on who has submitted thus far and does it all make sense.  Stay tuned for more INDC updates as we get closer to Paris.

  • Episode 3 - BONN

    Why are we in Bonn, Germany, and what’s happening here at the UNFCCC headquarters?

  • Episode 4 - BONN: THE ISSUES

    As the negotiators work on streamlining the draft text for the Paris Agreement, what are the contentious issues that are coming up?

  • Episode 5 - BONN AGAIN OFF AGAIN

    As the June negotiation session at Bonn draws to a close,  we go around and ask people how they’re feeling about Paris.

  • Episode 6 - IMPLEMENTATION

    Now that we know about the negotiation issues, how do you actually go about implementing this transition from a high-carbon world to a low-carbon world?

  • Episode 7 - CARBON PRICING

    What is carbon pricing and why is it important for a transition to a low-carbon economy?