Reducing water-related disaster risks: The role of public-public partnerships

Autore: Elisa Calliari & Jaroslav Mysiak

The recently adopted Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) confirmed multi-stakeholder partnerships as a fundamental tool in mobilizing and sharing knowledge, expertise, technology and financial resources to support SDGs achievement worldwide. In this Reflection we explore the scope and characteristics of a particular kind of decentralized, voluntary multi-stakeholder partnership. We draw our attention to Public – Public Partnerships (PuPs), i.e. those cooperative initiatives tying public authorities and agencies and/or public authorities and civil society. In many respects PuPs became known as a counterpart of public – private partnerships (PPPs) and quickly spread in public water and health service provision. Here we take a closer look into these kinds of initiatives, by examining their objectives and defining features as well as their potential for disaster risk reduction, with special emphasis on droughts and coastal floods.